Questions About Love Spells

These are some questions that we’re receiving and we’ll to clarify!

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How long do I have to wait?
This toppic is the hard one! I mean,one pearson,one case, so we don’t have a especific day.
In general, any mOagic ritual needs at least 21 days to get ready.
The energy of the ritual is shaping up with the passing of days, and only with 21 days does that request complete.
Of course you can have some results before that! 
Can I do some magic to famous?
No,this is not possible. To hold someone you must had something with that person,as you already have a previous bond, like the one created by sex.
Do you do black magic?
No,we don’t. We just use white magic. What this mean? It’s mean that we don’t do anything to make worse for you or for your love
If I decide to do that work with you, we’ll be in touch?
Of course! Our Psychc will give to you all suport that you need. She’ll talk to you,up date you and clarify all questions to get the best result.
We are physically distant. Is that a problem?
The physical distance does not interfere with the result.
Of course, the longer you are unseen, the energy bonds created earlier will lose momentum and this may affect the outcome.


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